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Hydro-Quad ® Treatment to Revolutionize Your Water

Arizona Environmental Progress in Phoenix, sells, installs, and services Hydro-Quad ® ater treatment equipment.  We are proud that our revolutionary systems are installed in housands of homes in Arizona.  CONTACT US TODAY!.  Learn about our product and how we can provide you with pure clear H2O.

Arizona Environmental Progress

Dear Gayle

I am writing because I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed our water filtration system.  We have had our system for a few  months now and have already noticed many positive changes.

We love the convenience of getting pure drinking water straight from our sink.  There are also no longer any calcium deposits on our sink, bathtub or dishes.  Not to mention that cleanup is so much easier!  We can actually use our own water to clean and not worry about what it will leave behind.  We also no longer need 1o use as much cleaners or detergents.  My hair actually feels soft without having to use a
lot of conditioner like I did in the past.

Overall we a very pleased with our purchase and know we will notice additional advantages and savings over time.  It has been a wonderful investment for our home and ourselves.  Every representative from your company has been a pleasure to deal with and we would definitely recommend you and your products to our family and friends.  Thank you.

 Sincerely, Laura and Chris P., Phoenix, AZ

 Simple “The Best”. The Hydro-Quad ®

Why Choose Us

To experience the best customer service like Laura and Chris did call Gayle today @ 602-232-5844.

Our talented, professional team tales care to make sure your equipment is properly installed, And the quality of your water is checked before and after installation to demonstrate improvement. As part of our “Customer Care” Program we visit 5 to 7 days after every installation to Assure our customers that “We Care”, we answer any and all questions that may arise. Our unrivaled customer service and exceptional product make us a trusted leader in this field. We pride ourselves on delivering a top-quality whole house water treatment system and results that are unmatched.

Arizona Environmental Progress

Testimony: This is to testify that I have owned a United Standard commercial water softener, HQ 1054 since 1989. In February 2001 I started having problems with it. I purchased a brand new well know water softener. After 14 months the water softener stopped working. We were told that the warranty of 12 months had expired. We called for a third party repair company and we did unfortunately a month later had the same problems. We saw a new model of the same system and we decided to buy a new one and the new one we have has a factory default. Sure enough in 18 months we had to call more than 4 times for repairs. By two years time we gave up, called Water Resources International, Inc. the company that had sold us the United Standard Unit, and we found out that we have a lifetime guarantee. I am very thankful that there is a company that honors its commitment and stand-up behind the products they have sold even after so many years.
Call us today about your hard water questions 1-800-788-4420.

Sherif M. C., Houston, TX


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