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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials - We Love It!!

Dear Kathy,
Rob and I were very reluctant to purchase the Hydro-Quad. We had discussed purchasing a soft water System but we hadn’t invested the time to investigate what choices were available or compare features. Kathy so impressed us with how well just ivory soap and softened water cleaned our shower, tile, grout and all the many other benefits that we decided Hydro-Quad was the right purchase for us. The first thing that blew me away was how shiny my granite counter looked after just doing a quick soap and water wipe off. Our master bath shower doors have never looked so shiny or spot-free without major scrubbing. Other improvements I noticed immediately were how easy food could be removed from dishes. The next impressive thing was how bright my clothes look after laundering. Things just kept improving from that moment on.  We can’t forget to  mention how delicious the filtered water tasted for drinking and cooking!  Thank you Kathy and thank you Arizona Environmental Progress, Inc.! Bob and Vicki B. – Mesa, AZ 

Kathy will clean your granite counter, shower, tile and grout too call her today @ 602-232-5841.

Dear Karol,
We have had the water system for a week and are enjoying the benefits. The drinking water is much better, we use less soap in our laundry and dishwasher, and we no longer have the use or expense of body lotions and hair conditioners to compensate for the hardness of the water. Fabric softener is a thing of the past and I truly believe I can do without a lint filter in the dryer. We have cut down on the electricity use for our dishwasher because drip drying is all that is required for streak free and spot free dishes. Bathing with soft water is a pleasure. Other than my house, this is by far the best investment that I have made for my family. David and Milo H. – Glendale, AZ
For less laundry soap, lotion and conditioner call Karol today @ 602-232-5843.

For less laundry soap, lotion and conditioner call Karol today @ 602-232-5843.

"Other than my house, this is by far the best investment that I have made for my family.”

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To Whom It May Concern,
The installer were very helpful with describing how the system worked and how to use it, they did a very good job and were professional through the whole process. The system is wonderful, water taste good and it runs excellent! I would highly recommend this service to any family, friends and neighbors. I would like to thank you for the great service. Pedro R. – Queen Creek, AZ

Our system is wonderful call Brian today @ 602-232-584

Dear Bob,
We want to thank you for the sale of our water system and to let you know that we are completely satisfied with the results. Our drinking water never tasted better and the bathroom and kitchen areas are easier to keep clean without all those chemicals and minerals in the water leaving behind the hard water deposits. We are also using less soaps and shampoo, just as you said. The Install team did a great job and were very professional and polite. We have not had any problems with our system. Thanks again. Cary H – Maricopa, AZ

Completely satisfied call Bob today @ 602-232-5846.

Nobody Does it Better

Dear Arizona Environmental Progress, Inc.,
We recently purchased the Hydro-Quad from Karol. We LOVE IT. I feel that my husband and I made the right choice for our family by making this investment. I am also very pleased with the soap products that we are receiving.

Call Karol for information today @ 602-232-5843

Everyone we worked with at AEP was fantastic. Kevin and Andy installed our system and they did a great job. They were both very thorough and professional. We also enjoyed Gayle who came out to finalize our paperwork. Overall this has been an amazing company to work with. Thank you. The Diamonds – Maricopa, A

Call Mark today @ 602-232-5847.

Dear Gary,
We are very pleased with the water system that was installed.
The entire family just loves it.  My grandson’s skin has cleared Up and is nice and soft.  Cleaning is easier, faster and has  Never looked better.  It’s fantastic!! 

Albert and Sharl T. and Family, Glendale, AZ
The entire family just loves it call Gary @ 602-232-5845.

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Dear AEP,
Just wanted to give a great BIG “THANK YOU” to all the people at AEP, I am very happy with my new water system.  The water is so much cleaner and purer than the water treatment system that I had before.

I would have to write many more pages to address the health benefit issues of drinking and bathing in this water. This is a very good thing as the water at my house and in the area tests are very high for hardness even with the old system.

Bob visited me and is very knowledgeable to answer all of my questions.  Curtis and Manuel were the installers and believe It or not came to start the installation at 5pm when I get home from work.  This was very convenient to me.

Curtis and Manuel went over and above the call of duty in that my garbage disposal had a crack and asked if I wanted to go to Home Depot to buy a new one they would install it for free.  Curtis also helped me install a new shower head in the bathroom.  Manuel re-hooked up my drip system at no charge – he is a very good plumber also.

As nice as they all were throughout the whole process I feel like I have an extension to my family and the best water!
Mark T. – Avondale, AZ

I am very happy with my new H2O call Bob today @ 602-232-5846.

Less soap in our laundry and dishwasher!!

Dear Brian, 
We have recently purchased the Hydro-Quad water softener/purifying system and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. We are very frugal and never (until now) buy
products from door-to-door type sales people. We also weigh the options however, we were very impressed by the demonstration and explanation of how the system would clean our water. We always knew that we had “hard water”, but we never realized what that actually meant. With a baby on the way, quality of water (especially drinking water) is of the utmost importance. It has now been a few weeks since the installation of the system, and we still have no regrets about our decision. We have noticed a difference not only in the taste and quality of our drinking water, but also in the feel of the water in the shower, and the flow of the water through the pipes. We have also noticed that it is easier to clean our home with the water, and we can use less soap or chemicals. Our skin is softer, and feel cleaner after our showers and we can feel the difference all the time. We would highly encourage anyone who is considering purchasing this system to give it the consideration it deserves and know that we did not come to our decision lightly. We hope that you have found this letter helpful and we hope that you enjoy your soft water as much as we do now!

Matt and Melissa C. – Casa Grande, AZ 

Couldn’t be happier with our decision call Brian today @ 602-232-5845.

Dear AEP,
We have had the water softener for about a month now and we are very impressed with it. We have noticed a big change in daily activities. We no longer have to buy bottled water anymore because the water softener actually tastes better. Our dish- washer no longer leaves the white residue on the dishes after the cycle and we have noticed that our clothes   have retained their color.  We also notice a big change in the shower too.  The water feels better on the skin,  Thanks for helping us make a great investment, was well worth it and we are happy with its performance.  THANKS! 

Jacob and Sarah K. – Avondale, AZ

We are happy with it’s performance call Mark today @ 602-232-5847.

We are completely satisfied with the results.