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Drinking Water System

Drinking Water System

It's a Win-Win Situation

The Best Water Treatment for You & Your Family 

Why? Here's  8 Reasons

1. THE UNITED STANDARD ENVIRONMENTAL VALVE: Registered trademark. Exclusive proprietary conserving valve. (Only manufactured for Arizona Environmental Progress, Inc. and Water Resources International, Inc.)

2. NICKEL – PLATED BRASS: By using the highest quality components, United Standard can offer you a lifetime of processed water.

3. TWELVE FUNCTIONS IN ONE SYSTEM: The Hydro-Quad ® processes your water in four (4) separate ways to give you the highest quality processed water – not just soft water! Then the Ultra-Micron ® filters your water eight (8) more times to provide Fresh Squeezed ® drinking water. Hyper-Filtration to the molecular level of 1/10,000 microns is the smallest particle you can see.

4. FOUR PART CONSTRUCTION: Blow-molded plastic, fortified by miles of fiberglass, covered with an insulation liner, all encased in stainless steel!! Not your typical softener!!

5. COMMERCIAL SIZE AND CAPACITY: The Hydro-Quad ® is designed to take care of your water problems of today and tomorrow!! It is large enough to handle problem water and it has two to three times the capacity of a typical small softener!!

6. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED ECOLOGY SOAP PACKAGES: A value worth hundreds of dollars and you are helping the environment by using bio-degradable environmentally friendly soap products instead of detergents!

7. LIFETIME LIMITED GUARANTEE: The superior guarantee backed by water treatment specialists with over a half century proven track record. Ours is a guarantee not a warranty.

8. THE ULTRA-MICRON ® FILTRATION SYSTEM: The ultimate drinking water system technology can offer. Side-by-side with the Ultra-Micron ® (under the sink) purified drinking water system.

Delivering Quality Products And Customer Service for 45 Years!|Over Half a Century Proven Track Record 

Arizona Environmental Progress, Inc. Believes … The Customer, Is The Most Important In The World!

Your customer did not come to you, you went to them to show them a better product, and a higher quality water and more economical way of life.  They believe in you, and you owe them your best for as long as they have a United Standard Water Treatment System.

  • THE CUSTOMER IS NOT DEPENDENT UPON YOU – you are dependent upon them. 
  • The customer is not an INTERRUPTION OF YOUR WORK – they are the purpose of it.  You are not doing them a favor by servicing them – THEY ARE DOING YOU A FAVOR by giving you’re the opportunity to do so.
  •   THE CUSTOMER IS NOT SOMEONE TO ARGUE WITH OR MATCH WITS AGAINST –  nobody ever won an argument with a customer even though they may have THOUGHT they did.
  • The customer is a person who brings YOU their wants.  If you have sufficient imagination, you will endeavor to handle them profitably for them and for YOURSELVES. 

“Our Customer Is Our Number One Asset Without You we Wouldn’t be here today!”

I have to start by saying thank you! My husband and I are on a tight budget, I thought for sure this was going to be one of those deals where we would regret it the next day. To my surprise, it was the complete opposite! I could go on and on with one story after another and that’s just what we’ve experienced in the two weeks we’ve had your system! I’m so grateful to you Wayne for believing in your product and for showing us your amazing system! I now am telling EVERYONE I cross paths with just how happy we are. This was the BEST “investment” we’ve made … not only for our family but, for the life of our home. (Now that I’ve sounded like an infomercial … Thank you again … the BEST investment we’ve EVER made … No regrets here! Your Happy Customer, Jeff and Becky E.

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